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Please bring in non-perishable canned goods (no glass
containers please) - the collection box is by the front door.
Donations received by Friday September 30th will be delivered
on October 1st to the Hands 4 Detroit project, after that
date the donations will go to the Redford Brightmoor Initiative.

Upcoming Missions Focus
  • October - Hands4Detroit
  • November - Harvest Sunday produce for Redford Brightmoor Initiative
  • December - Alternative Christmas Fair

Interactive Map of Potato Pick-up on October 1st

We are also looking for volunteers to help out the day of the event and are requesting that churches take up a collection or host a fundraiser in September to benefit the Society of St. Andrew's Potato Project and End Hunger Campaign. Contact Pat Bradley at vp1@drdumm.org for more info.

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